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Nicholas A. Palomares PhD

Nicholas A. Palomares, PhD

Associate Professor

365 Kerr Hall
Davis , CA 95616


  1. Nicholas A. Palomares received his BA in Psychology from UC Berkeley (1999) and his MA (2002) and PhD (2005) in Communication from UC Santa Barbara.


Nicholas A. Palomares (PhD, University of California, Santa Barbara) is an associate professor in the Department of Communication at UC Davis and has been a member of the faculty since 2004. Dr. Palomares' research emphasizes message production and processing in two primary areas of communication in social interaction: language use and conversational behavior. His conversational-behavior research examines the goals individuals pursue in their interactions with others and the factors associated with goal pursuit. Specifically, he seeks to understand how individuals detect others' goals and what consequences individuals' inferences of others' goals have on both goal detectors and goal pursuers. His research on goal detection highlights the cognitive mechanisms that influence the accuracy of goal inferences. His language-use research focuses on the cognitive structures and processes responsible for producing gender-based language differences and similarities (e.g., emotional language, tentative language, etc.) between men and women in face-to-face and mediated social interactions, as well as the consequences that emerge from such language. Professor Palomares teaches undergraduate courses in 'Gender Differences in Communication,' 'Semantic and Pragmatic Functions of Language,' and 'Empirical Research Methods' and graduate courses in 'Social Interaction and Interpersonal Communication Theory and Research' and 'Experimental Design and Statistical Analysis.'