Tackling Signal Detection Measures: Theory and Practice

Presenter: Narine Yegiyan

Oct 05, 2017
from 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM

Kerr Hall 386

Presenters:  Narine Yegiyan

Title: Tackling Signal Detection Measures: theory and practice

Abstract: Signal Detection measures have been used widely to address what is known as ‘problem of guessing” in memory tests.

Specifically, during a recognition task, a person may report recognizing an old stimulus because they indeed remember seeing it during a study or they may be guessing. The STD measures allow us to tell apart the true identification ability and the guessing strategies.

During this meeting, we will discuss advantages of using SDT measures for recognition tests. I will show you how important and useful they are to communication studies.

I will also show you how to calculate SDT statistics and we will look at sample data together to understand how to interpret the results.

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