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Current events in the Department of Communication
Under the hood of Qualtrics: Custom user interfaces for more meaningful surveys
Presenter(s): Seth Frey, PhD
How do online virality metrics influence behavioral intention?
Presenter(s): Christopher (CJ) Calabrese
Thanksgiving Break (No Brown Bag Meeting)
Have a nice break!
Cancelled (No Brown Bag Meeting)
"Controversial Science in an Age of Fake News and Polarized Politics"
A talk by Dietram Scheufele
NCA (No Brown Bag Meeting)
NCA Prep Presentations
Presenter(s): Skye Wingate
Commenting on social media posts: Do message position and incivility encourage or discourage commenting?
Presenter(s): Xudong Yu
Understanding Entertainment as a Social Venue: Expanding the Two-Factor Model
Presenter(s): Bingqing Wang
"Making the Most of Summer" Grad Series: Internships
Presenter(s): Ingrid Zhou Malloch, Bingqing Wang, Yuhan Zhou
"Making the Most of Summer" Grad Series: Educational Opportunities
Presenter(s): Calvin Koon-Stack, Teresa Gil-Lopez
Brown Bag Scheduling
Gender and collaboration networks in online worlds: Combining empirical analysis with Agent-based models
Presenter: Wensen Huang (Fudan University)
QE Q&A: How to prepare for the qualifying exam
Panelists: Bo Feng and Laramie Taylor
ICA Prep Presentations
Presenter(s): Grace Benefield & Cuihua Shen; You Zhan
The credibility revolution in psychological science
Presenter(s): Simine Vazire, Department of Psychology
Bridging Communication Gaps with Social Computing Interaction Designs of Communication Channels
Presenter(s): Hao Chuan Wang
Facilitating Productive Conversations about Difficult Topics
Presenter(s): Heather J. Hether and Jeanette B. Ruiz
Unconscious Influence: How Social Media Interactions Lead to Accidental Inferences About the Self and Others
Joseph Walther of UC Santa Barbara, in a Gerald P. Mohrmann Memorial Lecture, will discuss how social media leads to misattributions—mistaken judgments about who people are and why they act as they do.
When Can We Predict Romantic Outcomes?
Presenter(s): Paul W. Eastwick, Department of Psychology
Situated Multimodal Dialog Systems
Presenter(s): Zhou Yu, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, UC Davis
Pretesting and Piloting are Time-Consuming, yet Necessary, aspects of Experimental Research: Lessons Learned from Two Experiments (and Four Pilots)
Presenter(s): Sarah Weigel, Jocelyn Young, and Nik Palomares
Effects of Online Virality Metrics on Behavior Intention; Disguised in Conspiracy or Uncertainty? Effects of Vaccine Misinformation on MMR Vaccine Attitude
Presenter(s): Christopher (CJ) Calabrese and Jieyu (Jade) Ding
Predicting the development of online informal political conversations in a protest context
Presenters: Teresa Gil Lopez & Cuihua (Cindy) Shen
Asking questions about (and with) existing message systems
Presenter: Laramie Taylor
Families that Play Together Stay Together: Investigating Family Bonding through Video Games
Presenter: Bingqing Wang
Library Research in Communication Studies
Presenter: David Michalski
All the World's a Stage: Creating New Interactive Experiences with Playable Models
Presenter: Josh McCoy
Researching Roommates: Past research and future directions
Presenter: Karen Erlandson
The Great Equalizer? The Internet and Political (In)Equality
Presenter: Saifuddin Ahmed