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Current events in the Department of Communication
No Meeting
This meeting is cancelled due to the ICA Conference
Re-Computing Social Sciences
"What Have We Learned After a Decade?", this Conference brings together a dozen scholars from across the country and globe, and a dozen scholars from across UC Davis campus to discuss the state-of-the-art of computational social science.
Leveraging Computational Social Science to Address Grand Societal Challenges
The annual Gerald P. Mohrmann Memorial Lecture presents Noshir Contractor, Professor of Communication & Behavioral Sciences, Northwestern University
ICA Conference Presentation Practice
Presenters: Cassandra Alexopoulos, YoYo Zhan
ICA Conference Presentation Practice
Presenters: Skye Wingate, Tessa DeAngelo
C^2 Journal Club: Political Communication
Computational Communication Research Lab Journal Club on Political Communication
Reading Personality Through Gesture
Presenter: Michael Neff
Social Computation: How to Conceptualize Society as a Giant Information Processing System?
Presenter: Martin Hilbert
C^2 Journal Club: Social Networks
Computational Communication Research Lab Journal Club on Social Networks
Exposure to (Ethnic) Diversity during Adolescence: Potential Implications for Development
Presenter: Adrienne Nishina
The Computational Landscape of User Behavior on Social Media
Dr. Dave Darmon presents how individuals using a social media services may be viewed as a computational agent themselves
No Meeting
This meeting is cancelled due to the Graduate Program Site Review Visit
C^2 Journal Club: Social Media & Big Data
Computational Communication Research Lab Journal Club on Social Media & Big Data
Victims' Perceptions, Uncertainty, and Goal Understanding in Cyberbullying
Presenter: Skye Wingate
Visiting Scholars' Seminar
Presenters: Jiao Ji, Ningping Jiang, Shuya Pan
The Conditional Effects of Media Tone on Immigration Attitudes
Presenter: Amber Boydstun
Panel on Online Pedagogy
Presenters: Heather Hether, Martin Hilbert, Steven Brunner
Building Digital Interfaces For Communication Research: Testing Theory with Custom Made Video Games and Virtual Environments
Presenters: Subuhi Khan, James Falin, Jorge Peña
Design Online Discussion Groups to Promote Intrauterine Devices
Presenter: Jingwen Zhang
Panel on Summer Activities
Presenters: Cassandra Alexopoulos, Cindy Shen, Drew Cingel, Grace Benefield
Panel on Journal Submissions
Facilitators: Bo Feng, Laramie Taylor, Martin Hilbert, Narine Yegiyan
The Mathematical Theory of Communication and Current Applications
Presenter: Martin Hilbert
The Normalization and Negotiation of Children's Media Experiences
Presenter: Drew Cingel
Communication Research at the Global Level: A Social and Semantic Network Analysis of International Communication Association
Presenter: George Barnett
Memory Processes in Media Effects: Concepts and Measures
Presenter: Narine Yegiyan
No meeting. Thanksgiving Holiday
This meeting is cancelled due to the Thanksgiving Holiday
Neurophysiological and Network Analysis in Science Communication
Presenter: Jianxun (Jackson) Chu
No meeting. Everyone is at the NCA Conference
This meeting is cancelled due to the NCA Conference
NCA Conference Presentation Practice
Presenters: Bingqing Wang, Cassandra Alexopoulos, and Tessa DeAngelo
Due to unforeseen circumstances we have to cancel this meeting