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Qiusi (Lyra) Sun


  • M.S. in Applied Statistics and Operation Research, Bowling Green State University, OH
  • B.S. in Applied Mathematics, Nanjing University, China

Research Focus

Qiusi's research broadly examines the social influence of new communication technologies, with a focus on the negative phenomena associated with technology affordances. She identifies as a computational social scientist employing theories of communication and information and using computational methods that allow her to advance communication research. Her primary focus, specifically on online deviant behaviors such as trolling, incivility, and toxicity has resulted in three lines of ongoing research on macro, meso, and micro levels. In addition, She developed interests in and worked on other negative online phenomena such as misinformation and polarization. As a researcher who benefits from advanced computational methods, She also pays close attention to the impact of algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Selected Publications

Nguyen, H., Sun, Q., Williams, D. (Revised & Resubmitted) How Do We Make the Virtual World a Better Place? Social Discrimination in Online Gaming, Sense of Community, and Well-being. Telematics and Informatics

Sun, Q. & Wojcieszak, M. (In Press) Overtime Trends in Incivility on social media: A systematic study of Reddit comments over thirteen years. Frontier: Political Science Special Issue: Negativity, Incivility, and Toxicity in Political Discussions.

Sun, Q., & Shen, C. (2021). Who would respond to A troll? A social network analysis of reactions to trolls in online communities. Computers in Human Behavior, 121, 106786.  

Davidson, S., Sun, Q., & Wojcieszak, M. (2020, November). Developing a New Classifier for Automated Identification of Incivility in Social Media. In Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Online Abuse and Harms (pp. 95-101).

Shen, C., Sun, Q., Kim, T., Wolff, G., Ratan, R., & Williams, D. (2020). Viral Vitriol: Predictors and Contagion of Online Toxicity in World of Tanks. Computers in Human Behavior, 106343.

Wang, B., Taylor, L., & Sun, Q. (2018). Families that play together stay together: Investigating family bonding through video games. New Media & Society, 1461444818767667.


My teaching philosophy is to be inspiring, supportive, and inclusive that providing an environment for students to speak, share, and ask. And my teaching aims to help students to develop the ability of critical thinking and problem-solving. I believe the goal of effective teaching is to equip students with knowledge and skills and to encourage them to find meaning in life and pursue their passions. In addition, as a communication scholar, I hope to direct students to be more self-aware and analytical of daily communication processes.