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...we see communication to be at the center of the individual, technology, and society...


Communication is the thread that holds the social quilt together. Bottom-up, communication is what converts collections of individuals into communities and societies, constructs societies’ collective identities, and facilitates social evolution. Top-down, communication is what primes people’s perception of reality, their social context, and their personal evolution. As communication scholars we examine the production, distribution, processing, and impact of messages from a bottom-up (micro) and a top-down (macro) perspective in a multidisciplinary context.

The ongoing digital revolution has intensified the role of technology in communication. Digitalization is so powerful that technological systems now for the first time mediate the majority of human communication. We spend 8 of our 11 hours of daily net communication time communicating with or via some kind of technology. The outcome is the global socio-technological ecosystem that constitutes the current driving force of social evolution.

As a result, we see communication to be at the center among the individual, technology, and society. The communicated message itself is at the center of our approach to understand reality. From here, communication informs the most diverse disciplines by contributing a distinctive focus on the messages that link social structures as diverse as interpersonal relationships, businesses, conversations, citizenries, communities, social networks, entertainment audiences, and political systems. As such, our approach is naturally interdisciplinary and turns out to be especially relevant during the current times of intense technological changes that affect how people and social systems communicate.