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ICA Conference Presentation Practice

Presenters: Cassandra Alexopoulos, YoYo Zhan

May 18, 2017
from 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM

Kerr Hall 386

Presenter: Cassandra Alexopoulos

Title: "My Celebrity Blocked Me on Twitter Again”: A Content Analysis of Celebrity Worshippers’ Online Forum Posts

Authors: Cassandra Alexopoulos, Laramie Taylor, Teresa Gil-Lopez

Abstract: Much of the research on celebrity worship has relied on close-ended survey measures of audience behaviors and beliefs about celebrities. The current study provides a more candid picture of people who experience celebrity obsession. In a content analysis of celebrity worshippers' online forum posts, we found that repetitive behaviors providing some form of escapism were more common than behaviors associated with pathological over-identification with the celebrity. Writers were reluctant to divulge any information about their celebrity, expressing the false belief that their celebrity is their soul mate. Focusing on the more advanced stages of celebrity worship, the present study lends support to McCutcheon et al.'s (2002) Absorption-Addiction Model.


Presenter: YoYo Zhan

Authors: Narine Yegiyan, YoYo Zhan

Title: At the Intersection of Motivational Relevance and Website Visual Complexity: New Evidence for Memory Narrowing and Broadening Effects

Abstract: This study aimed at understanding how people prioritize information during highly emotional experiences. Motivational theories of information processing suggest that emotional content automatically activates motivational systems, biasing the information processing strategies of the content. Existing studies test the impact of emotional content within single visual events, however, little is known about effects of motivational activation on information processing (i.e., resources allocation and encoding) of the contextual information unrelated to the emotional event (e.g., advertisements that appear on screen during movie watching). The paper presented here is an attempt to explore this question. Theoretically, this will expand the conceptual definition of peripheral detail to a broader range of stimuli and will provide an opportunity to test the limits of the previous findings.

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