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The Normalization and Negotiation of Children's Media Experiences

Presenter: Drew Cingel

Jan 19, 2017
from 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM

Kerr Hall 386

Presenter: Drew Cingel

Title: The Normalization and Negotiation of Children's Media Experiences

Abstract: In order to understand child and adolescent use of media and how they are influenced by such use, it is important to understand the media ecology of the home environment. Additionally, researchers must consider the contexts in which children and adolescents use media, as well as the specific content they consume. In this talk, I will present current survey findings from a nationally-representative sample of parents of children ages 8-18, demonstrating different ways in which parents negotiate media use in the home, and how these strategies influence the home media ecology. Next, I will present two studies that examine how different content and viewing contexts can influence children's moral judgments and reasoning about social exclusion and violence. Together, these studies indicate the role of parents and peers in children's media use and its effects.

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