Communication Major

The curriculum of the communication major places a strong emphasis on the application of theory and research to the practical real-world problems and everyday life dilemmas that confront humans in their interactions.

Major Requirements

The UC Davis undergraduate major in communication encompasses 65 units, consisting of 25 units of preparatory subject matter and 40 units of depth subject matter


Sample Academic Plans

These sample program plans present an overview of courses that students majoring in communication must complete to obtain an undergraduate degree within three or four years. Your program plan will differ, depending on previous credit received, your course schedule, and available course offerings.


Optional Emphases

The requirements for our major provide students with considerable flexibility to tailor a plan of study that satisfies their educational objectives and career plans. Below are sample plans of study for various emphases. These sample plans are offered to help our majors consider the full range of possibilities available to them. These plans should not be considered prescriptive. The plan that best meets your needs could be considerably different than any of the plans offered below. Talk with our advising staff about what is best for you and your educational goals.


Undergraduate Learning Objectives

The major in communication from the UC Davis Department of Communication is intended to instill the following competencies and skills:


These Undergrads Explain What They Gained

UC Davis undergraduate students convincingly tell, in their own words, how majoring in communication at UC Davis has benefited them and prepared them for productive careers.