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Current events in the Department of Communication
Thanksgiving (No Meeting)
Presenter(s): NA
Importance of Access to Digital Technology for Building & Maintaining Social Capital for Marginalized Individuals
Presenter(s): Amy Gonzales, PhD, Assistant Professor in Communication & Information Technologies at UC Santa Barbara
NCA Week (No Meeting)
Presenter(s): TBD
NCA Prep Presentation
Presenter(s): TBD
Psychophysiology Measures Workshop
Presenter(s): Richard Huskey, PhD; Wang Liao, PhD; Narine Yegiyan, PhD
Conference ToDo's Workshop
Presenter(s): Narine Yegiyan, PhD
Cyberbullying, publicness, and goal understanding in social media.
Presenter(s): Nicholas A Palomares, PhD
Skin Conductance Synchrony as a Function of Social Relationship, Message Valence, Arousal, and Order: A Comparison of Linear and Nonlinear Analyses
Presenter(s): Jingjing Han, ABD
Job Search Workshop
Facilitator(s): Drew Cingel, PhD; Richard Huskey, PhD & Wang Liao, PhD
CMN Brown Bag Scheduling
Steps to Publishing, Job Skills, and more! A Workshop for Graduate Students
Facilitator(s): Seth Frey, PhD
ICA (No Brown Bag Meeting)
ICA (No Brown Bag Meeting)
ICA Prep Presentations
Presenter(s): Grace Wolff; Chelsea Kim; Michael Carter; Qiusi (Lyra) Sun
How online health groups help you lose weight: The role of social influence and support exchange
Presenter(s): Yixin Zhou
Cancelled (No Brown Bag Meeting)
Examining Identity Shift Effects in Virtual Reality (Or How to Present and Publish Insignificant Results in Communication)
Presenter(s): Jorge Pena, PhD
The effects of "ingroup filtering" of outgroup information
Presenter(s): Magdalena Wojcieszak, PhD
Public versus media blame messages: Effects on stigma toward people with schizophrenia.
Presenter(s): Thais Zimbres
People2vec: The Future of Research, Education, and Work in an AI Economy Driven by Knowledge Production
Presenter(s): Lingfei Wu, PhD
Communicating social and indexical characteristics through speech.
Presenter(s): Santiago Barreda-Castañon, PhD
Associations between Young Children's Screen Media Use and Self-Regulation
Presenter(s): Dan Choe, PhD
Game design decisions and interactions with player communities and cultures.
Presenter(s): Aaron Larson
The Growth and Decline of Digital Knowledge Commons
Presenter(s): Benjamin Mako Hill, PhD
Building a persuasive chatbot: progresses and next steps
Presenter(s): Yoojung (Erika) Oh
Online Supportive Interaction: Decoding Mechanisms and Effects
Presenter(s): Ingrid Zhou Malloch
Testing the Elaboration Likelihood and Heuristic-Systematic Models with Electronic Word of Mouth Messages of Small Businesses
Presenter(s): Ke (Maddie) Huang
Wizards, Markets, and Meat Without Animals: The Metaphors of Plant-Based and Cell-Based Meat Innovation
Presenter(s): Garrett M. Broad, PhD
Social influence, attention, and physiological stress in dyads -- Preliminary findings and challenges
Presenter(s): Wang Liao, PhD
The social brain in group decision-making
Presenter(s): Seongmin (Alex) Park, PhD