Study Abroad

Effectiveness in communication requires understanding your audiences and what motivates them.

The UC Davis Department of Communication supports its students in acquiring knowledge to develop skills in international communication through firsthand experiences among people of other nations and cultures.

By studying abroad, communication students can become engaged in other cultures and gain insights about people whose experiences and environments dramatically differ from their own. By exploring the communication styles and standards that people in other nations use, you'll broaden your analytical and critical-thinking abilities, develop cross-cultural communication skills, and vastly improve your value as you embark on a professional career.

You can spend a quarter or summer abroad, or serve an internship.

Professor Palomares teaching a summer abroad program in London where students earn 8 units of credit by taking Communication 111, Gender Differences in Communication, and Communication 198, Independent Study: At the Crossroads of Gender and Communication. For program information, sample syllabus, and location details, and more visit here and check out this 4 min overview audio.