Small Grants Program

 M.A. and Ph.D. students in the Department of Communication who have not yet advanced to candidacy may apply for up to $500 in Small-Grants Program funding for research. Students who have advanced to candidacy are not eligible because their dissertation research is supported through a different mechanism.

Small-Grants Program funds are meant to support a specific research project under the supervision of (or in collaboration with) a member of the graduate program faculty.

How these funds can be used

These grants typically are used to fund supplies, materials, software, photocopying and online respondent samples (e.g., Amazon's Mechanical Turk or "Mturk" online sampling service). This grant cannot be used to fund conference-related travel.

How to apply

1.  Download this simple, one-page application form to your computer.

2.  Complete the form electronically and save it.

3.  Attach your IRB approval letter if you are using human subjects.

4.  Obtain the signature of the supervising professor.

5.  Submit the completed form to the graduate adviser, Professor Bo Feng. You may do so in person, but we prefer that you send the form and IRB approval letter as attachments to an email message.