Grad Handbooks and Other Resources

Graduate student handbooks and other useful information for graduate students


Graduate Student Handbooks

The Department of Communication's Graduate Student Handbook describes our graduate program's policies and procedures. It is written with current students in mind but is an invaluable source of information for prospective students as well. Download the current or former handbook, which applies to both M.A. and Ph.D. students.


Handbook for Teaching Assistants

The Department of Communication's Handbook for Teaching Assistants, which you may download, offers guidance to our TAs about policies, procedures, workload and other important matters.



GradPathways is our premier professional development program designed to help graduate students and postdoctoral scholars succeed both at UC Davis and in their chosen career paths. The nationally recognized GradPathways program, which the UC Davis Office of Graduate Studies administers, has served thousands of UC Davis graduate students and postdoctoral scholars since 2004. The program conducts more than 150 workshops, seminars and panel discussions annually through partnerships with numerous campus units.


Campus Sexual Harassment Policy

All graduate students must familiarize themselves with and understand the University of California Policy on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence. The Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Policy section of the UC Davis Policy and Procedure Manual is available for download.