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Communication plays a vital role in everyone’s life, and it is widely agreed that an understanding of the many ways people communicate is becoming increasingly important in our complex, technological society.

Why Communication?

What can we learn from a word, a tweet, a social media link, a tone of voice?

Communication Major

The curriculum of the communication major places a strong emphasis on the application of theory and research to the practical real-world problems and every day life dilemmas that confront humans in their interactions.

Communication Minor

Proficiency in communication is fundamental to personal and professional interactions in all career endeavors. The communication minor encompasses 24 units of concentrated study.

Careers in Communication

The communication major provides a solid educational background for almost any career in which human interactions are involved.


In accordance with campus and county shelter-in-place directives, our advising center will operate remotely until further notice.

Course Descriptions

This roster of undergraduate courses with descriptions reflects the wide range of career-relevant subject matter that the major in communication encompasses.


Requirements and information for internships in the field of Communication

Study Abroad

Effectiveness in communication requires understanding your audiences and what motivates them.

Research Opportunities

Undergraduate students have various opportunities to participate in research activities.

General Education Requirements Filled By Communication

Communications Alumni Career Spotlights