Brooke Isrow Named Outstanding Senior

Brooke Isrow has been named the 2023 Outstanding Senior for the Department of Communication.

Brooke is graduating with a double-major in Communication and Psychology and she also completed a minor in professional writing. Brooke started her UC Davis journey by majoring in Political Science. However, after founding the Aggie Mentors program to guide incoming students at UC Davis, she realized that she enjoyed multiple aspects of communication. She then took Introduction to Communication 10V and quickly added the major.

Brooke worked on multiple research projects while at UC Davis. She worked in the VICTR lab under the guidance of Dr. Peña where she conducted research on video games. She also worked on research with a graduate student from Bar-Ilan University while studying abroad in Tel Aviv. Brooke’s exposure to research has created a curiosity for her and she is considering graduate school in the future.

Some of Brooke’s favorite communication classes included Interpersonal Technology (CMN 172), Health Communication (CMN 161), Interpersonal Communication (CMN 120), Language use in Conversation (CMN 121), Mass Communication (CMN 140), and Empirical Methods (CMN 102).

Brooke is graduating summa cum Laude with high honors from the college of Letters and Science.