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C^2 lab with 6 contributions at IC2S2

Our Computational Communication Research lab presented 3 papers and 3 posters at the 5th International Conference on Computational Social Science, in Amsterdam

IC2S2 is the leading international conference on computational social science. Additionally to Prof. Hilbert and Prof. Zhang being part of the Program Chair Committee, our PhD students Qiusi (Lyra) SunJieyu Ding, and Qiankun Zhong presented, and Prof. Frey contributed to 3 different presentations. 


* Jieyu Ding, Qiusi Sun, Jingwen Zhang. Classifying and Understanding the Semantic Structures of Vaccine Misinformation on Twitter

* Qiusi Sun, Martin Hilbert. A Computational Mechanics Approach to Trolling and its Contagion

* Martin Hilbert, David Darmon – Patterns of Algorithmification: How Dumb and Predictable Bots Make Organization More Complex and Unpredictable

Lyra presenting

  • Qiankun Zhong and Seth Frey 
    Institutional isomorphism and homophily effects of self-governing online communities
  • Daniel J. Flynn and Seth Frey 
    Shooting friends and missing enemies: comparing partisan polarization in classifier error sensitivity versus policy preferences
  • Seth Frey, Bryan Bruns and Curtis Atkisson 
    Institutional evolution as a dynamic over the space of games

Qiankun and Frey