Computational Communication Research Lab: C^2

Our Computational Communication Research Lab (run by Profs. Hilbert, Shen, Frey & Barnett) uses the digital (big data) footprint, computer simulations, machine-learning and other techniques to detect new patterns in human and social communication.

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The digital revolution has not only revolutionized human communication, but also the way we can study it. As the massive digital footprint becomes increasingly available with tremendous granularity and precision, we are able to address core questions in communication studies in new ways. The C² Lab (Computational Communication Research / C-square Lab ) is focused on using digital trace data and computational social science methods to examine fundamental questions in communication. Some ongoing projects include: online social networks in massively multiplayer online games, peer production on Wikipedia, gender dynamics in virtual worlds, tweets and citizen protests, network dynamics of world Wide Web, physician rating websites and mobile app usage patterns. We use traditional analytical methods (like regressions and ANOVAs), as well as other techniques like "white box machine learning" and computational mechanics, which are possible thanks to the massive databases that are nowadays available on human communication.