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NCA20 Research Showcase

Researchers in the Department of Communication will present 24 unique research studies at the annual meeting of the National Communication Association. Two of these studies won Top Paper awards.

Research conducted by graduate students and faculty in the Department of Communication will be heavily represented at this year's meeting of the National Communication Association. Researchers in the Department earned two Top Paper Awards and a total of 24 different studies were accepted. Heather Jane Hether is the Vice Chair of The Communication Assessment Division.

Below is a full list of the studies being presented at NCA this year.

Acic, I., & Taylor, L. D. Relationship Status Moderates the Effects of Ideal-body Media on Gay Men’s Body-related Outcomes.

Acic, I., Taylor, L., & Taylor, L. D. Effect of Negative Publicity on the Strength of Celebrity Worship.

Acic, I., & Taylor, L. D. Exposure to Ideal-body Media and Gay Men’s Self-discrepancy.

Alexopoulos, C., Taylor, L. D., & Roberts, L. Intention to Cheat and Mediated Portrayals of Partner Abundance.

Calabrese, C. Effects of second-person point of view and protagonist competence on health narrative messages supporting naloxone.

Fan, L. & Brunner, S. Will I score higher in a quiz if I take a nap or have a coffee? Learning experimental design in research methods course.

Hether, H. J. Building a brand community around female empowerment: A case study of brand activism at Rebecca Minkoff LLC fashion company.

Hether, H. J. Lessons Learned from COVID-19: How Teaching and Learning Turned a Crossroads.

Huskey, R., Wilcox, S., Clayton, R. B, & Keene, J. R. The Limited Capacity Model of Motivated Mediated Message Processing: A Meta-Analytic Summary of Two Decades of Research.

Kumari, N. Bold and Beautiful: Examining the Effects of Attractiveness and Assertiveness on Women’s Persuasive Power on Social Media.

Lee, S. Learning Politics from Entertainment: The Mediating Roles of Anger, Anxiety, and Joy.

Mann, S. & Carter, M. C. Linguistic Style Matching (LSM) and parent support seeking forums.

Roberts, L. & Taylor, L. D. Messages of Masculinity: Effects of Affirming and Threatening Messages on Masculine Beliefs and Behaviors.

Ruiz, J. B. & Brunner, S. G.I.F.T.S.: From ideas to impact.

Ruiz, J. B., Carter, M. C., & Caporale, N. Student voices on inclusivity in higher education classrooms: A semantic network analysis.

Stevens, H. & Acic, I. Examining Rape Culture in Online Forums: The Effect of Editorial Slant on Discourse Incivility. Top Student Paper

Stevens, H. & Palomares, N. A. A Theory-Driven Computational Measure of the Goal Construct in Communication Science.

Taylor, L. D., & Acic, I. Magical Thinking and Sports Fans.

Taylor, L. B., Cingel, D., & Lauricella, A. Parental involvement with child’s YouTube use.

Tseng, J. T., Hsiao, H. Y., Yu, P. L., & Chen, Y. The Impact of an Intergenerational Program on College Students' Attitudes Toward Older Adults.

Weisman, W. D., & Peña, J. Face the uncanny: The impact of altered version of oneself on affect-based trust toward AI technology are mediated by uncanny valley perceptions.

Xue, H. Health rumors on social media: Effects of message evidence, motivated reasoning, thinking style, and health literacy.

Yee, N., Ng, Y. M., Huo, M., & Fingerman, K. Older Adult’s Marital Status, Social Interactions, and Conversations in Everyday Life. Top Paper

Zhao, Y. Exploring the Relations of Subjective and Objective Instagram Use on Young Adults' Well-Being.