UCD Statistical Sciences Symposium 2015: Network Data

April 10 (Friday) - April 11 (Saturday), 2015

The Department of Statistics will host a Statistical Science Symposium as a forum to discuss recent developments in network data, its analysis, computational and inferential challenges and applications to various disciplines including neuroscience, genomics, social sciences, ecology and environmental sciences and complex systems. It will take place on the campus of the University of California, Davis (Buehler Alumni Center, Room AGR).


Dr. Hilbert will contribute on Saturday, April 11, 2015, 9:35-10:10, with:

Curses and Blessings of a Data-Complete Science: Big Data and the Social Sciences

Big Data has turned the social sciences from a traditionally data-poor science into arguably the most data-complete science to date – and this basically “overnight”. With over 99% of all of human kinds’ technologically mediated information in digital format, and a mobile penetration of 98% worldwide, the digitalization of human interaction produces an impressively detailed digital footprint of everything that’s relevant for the social sciences. Each and every digital communication inevitably leaves a trace that can be analyzed to better understand and influence social conduct. This renders many traditional survey and data collection and production processes obsolete. While creating unprecedented opportunities for private actors and lots of low hanging fruits for academic research, it also creates challenges that call for a profound paradigm shift in our relation to data.