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PhD Student Awarded Scholarship for Oxford Summer School

Graduate Student Awarded Scholarship to attend Oxford’s Internet Institute Summer Doctoral Programme

We are pleased to announce that 3rd Year Ph.D. candidate Saifuddin Ahmed has been awarded a place at the prestigious and competitive 2017 Summer Doctoral Programme (SDP) at the Oxford Internet Institute (OII), University of Oxford. Out of the 30 participating students worldwide, Saif has also been selected to receive the OII's SDP scholarship, which will cover the full cost of his attendance at the summer programme.

The SDP brings together doctoral students from around the world interested in exploring socio-cultural, political, economic, and technological impacts of the Internet. The multi-disciplinary environment of the programme is aimed at providing constructive advice and support to doctoral students in advancing their research.

Saif is currently working on his dissertation research focusing on the impact of social media on political inequality. His overall research interests lie in new and emerging media, political communication, election studies, and public opinion. Along with his advisor Dr. Jaeho Cho, he has published several articles focusing on the transformative role of new media in civic and political engagement in technologically emerging societies.

We congratulate Saif on this excellent opportunity, and look forward to learn from what he brings back from his summer at Oxford!

Full details about the OII SDP can be found here

More details about Saif’s research can be found here