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Grad Student Will Spend Summer at Facebook

Grace Benefield, a third-year doctoral candidate, was recently selected for a User Experience (UX) Research internship at Facebook this summer.
Grad Student Will Spend Summer at Facebook

Grace Benefield

UX research uses social scientific theories and methods to improve user experience and inform design decisions on a product. 

Grace was offered the internship position after a series of interviews with recruiters and current Facebook UX researchers. While at Facebook, Grace will be working directly with UX researchers and with product teams, whose members include designers, product managers and engineers.

Facebook's "F" logo

Grace attributes her success to working closely with her mentors, Assistant Professor Cuihua Shen and Distinguished Professor George Barnett, on diverse research projects that have helped her develop a breadth of theoretic and analytic tools. Her research centers on how people organize in online communities/virtual teams in social media, massively multiplayer online games, and open source software development.

“I believe the internship will be an incredible opportunity to conduct research that may have a real impact on how people interact with each other on social media,” Benefield said. “This opportunity is also an excellent complement to my doctoral research at UC Davis. I am most excited to learn from the brilliant social scientists currently working at Facebook!”