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Journalism of Excellence Award 2018

The Chilean Journalism of Excellence Award was awarded for an interview with Prof. Hilbert

The acknowledgment was given to an interview with Prof. Hilbert, an internationally recognized expert in digital networks, titled "Obama and Trump used Big Data to wash brains", which was published on January 19, 2017. The content of the interview pre-announced the scandal that would 14 months later come over Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, which ended with Mark Zuckerberg giving explanations in the North American congress. On Facebook alone, the article was shared over 16,000 times, received 25,000 reactions, and resulted in discussions with almost 10,000 comments.

Premio Periodismo de Excelencia” de la UAH a mejor entrevista escrita

Prof. Hilbert (who is fluent in Spanish) regularly provides talks and consultancies in Latin America, closely working with governments, companies and universities. He is in Chile in June 2018 with a series of talks:

Chile June 2018

Other recent interviews, here: "Martin Hilbert y el escándalo de Facebook: 'Estamos atacando los síntomas, pero no la enfermedad'", 18 Abril, 2018