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Now hiring funded graduate positions in the C^2 Lab

Funded graduate position in the computational social science of organizations and institutions, as applied to open source software projects.
Now hiring funded graduate positions in the C^2 Lab

open source projects have complex organizations and excellent data

Funded graduate position in the CSS of OSS
We are hiring a graduate student in Communication or another science for an NSF-funded research position under Prof. Seth Frey, for a graduate training in computational social science (CSS). This interdisciplinary work is focused around open source software (OSS) project success, and integrates social network analysis (SNA) and computational policy analysis, via natural language processing techniques.  You will have an opportunity to receive training from several faculty specializing in OSS, CSS, SNA, machine learning, and the quantitative study of governance systems (Prof. Frey & Vladimir Filkov at UCD and Charlie Schweik & Brenda Bushouse at UMass Amherst). You will work closely with junior computer scientists also joining the project, and other partners
Applicants should obviously have an interest in committing their graduate training toward a CSS expertise and show enthusiasm, promise, or experience in programming, data science, or statistics. As the project is funded for at least two years, and up to five, you should be able to make a strong claim that the subject matter is in line with your desired long-term research direction. Ph.D. students are preferred but Master's students may apply. Submit a resume/CV and graduate exam scores (unofficial/outdated are fine). You may also submit a cover letter and links to previous research or code. Women, underrepresented minorities, and students with disabilities are encouraged to apply. For more information, review the project summary and contact Prof. Frey at sethfrey@ucdavis.edu.