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PhD UX Researcher at Facebook

Jade (Jieyu) Ding, third-year Ph.D student, off to a 12-week paid internship at Menlo Park
Jade (Jieyu) Ding, third-year Ph.D student, was offered a summer internship as a quantitative UX Researcher at Facebook in 2019. This is a 12-week paid internship at Menlo Park, starting in early June until late August. She will be doing research about misinformation, especially but not limited to fact check. Currently, Jade is involved in multiple projects about misinformation using experiment, survey, and semantic network analysis methods. 
The goal of the User Experience team (UX) is to improve the user experience by incorporating research, insights and content strategy into the product cycle. UX Researcher work closely with product teams throughout the design process to identify opportunities for research, choose the appropriate methods, conduct the research and analyze and present results. The toolbox consists of both qualitative and quantitative methods, such as expert reviews, user tests, and journal studies, as well as experiments, surveys and A/B testing. While the main focus as a UX Researcher is to investigate specific products and interfaces and work closely with product design teams, the work focuses on larger usability and content issues across the site. Jieyu brings a strong understanding of social media, good product instincts, a creative approach to research design, and a bold, entrepreneurial attitude.